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Sonja Galileo
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Current Status

Post by Sonja Galileo » Sat May 08, 2021 9:10 pm

As you can see the main Moonlight Grid site is back in operation and technically the grid is live too. HOWEVER, the grid is located on our home network behind a router and firewall and isn't accessible from the outside internet.

We are currently working on things behind the scenes and especially now that there has been renewed interest from the developers in bringing the Halcyon server code up to date with current viewer changes and SL compatibility.

Halcyon is NOT DEAD. In fact there are quite a few Halcyon based worlds out there, some of them quite populated too.

Unfortunately since there hasn't been any active code development to Halcyon since 2018 the changes made to Firestorm to keep compatible with SL has broken many features of Halcyon.

With the renewed interest hopefully a lot of these "bugs" will be addressed. A few of them are even being projected within the next month or so.

So, we are here, there is intelligent life on the grid and we will be publicly accessible in the future!

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