Light Commercial Lands Covenat

Looking for or got a commercial rental open? Post it here!
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Light Commercial Lands Covenat

Post by Luna Galileo » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:45 am

Light Commercial Lands Covenant

Please make sure you read the entire covenant before claiming/buying a parcel.

Mainland is strictly enforced. So we are better able to keep the grid beautiful and welcoming to all who drop in.

Light, particle, self-cycling and holo scripts are not permitted. This means that you can not use a vendor that will cycles through textures, sounds, item names or holo displays of items "automatically" ( the customers MUST use arrow buttons on your vendors). This helps to reduce any lag.

We expect your store to have a professional and tidy appearance, and if you sell adult products, remember that Moonlight Mainlands are on a General rated regions. This means no real life sexual or explicit nude images, and no content that should restricted to adult regions.

Clubs are not allowed on light commercial lands.

(For information on obtaining a private region please contact Luna Galileo.)

On parcels where stores are provided:

To Set your logo on the store's sign just drag your logo to it. It should update with your texture. Make sure you are wearing your Moonlight Merchants Tag. ( the group is open to join)

To have your store logo added to the teleport center located in the Welcome area contact Luna Galileo with your logo ready. (Logo must be full perms for us to use it.)

If for some reason you can not change the texture on the store sign please send your logo to Luna Galileo and we will add it for you.

Empty Parcels:

In order to use one of the empty parcels you must buy the land first. This make you the owner and you will have full rights to the land limited only by the region settings.

If you are unable to buy the land or not sure how please contact Luna Galileo and it will be set up for you.

These terms and conditions may be modified or changed at any time without notice.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of the following:

Luna Galileo (Grid Founder)
Sonja Galileo (Grid Founder)
Selena Darkhaven (Grid Manager)


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