Residential Covenant

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Residential Covenant

Post by Luna Galileo » Thu Dec 22, 2016 8:53 am

Residential Covenant

1. NO commercial buildings will be placed on these sims. As a residential area, we are a quiet, peaceful, safe place. Your cooperation and assistance are needed to keep it this way.

2. To rent one of our rental houses find the rental box located on the same parcel. Pay the rental box the amount shown per week up to 16 weeks.

3. As a reminder, chat can be heard for up to 20 m, so use IM for private conversations. Use the "About Land" or "Parcel Details" function to add your friends to the access list (under "Access" tab), as needed. Please do NOT use the "shout" button as that makes your chat loud enough the whole island can hear you. If someone is out of reach of your chat, use private IM to reach them.

4. Parcels rented cannot be subdivided without the express approval and participation of a Moonlight Manager or Owner (see bottom of Covenant for names).

5. The Rental House you've rented cannot be sold or subleased.

6. Terraforming is NOT allowed on this sim.

7. Off Sim objects / islands are NOT permitted as we want to keep the waterways clear for boaters and the like.

8. Skyboxes are to be set at 1000 meters or higher. This is so others on the ground cannot see them if they have their draw distance turn up high. Nothing below that please.

9. NO Privacy Screens are allowed without the express approval from the Owner or Manager.

10. No Ban Lines are allowed. No exception to that. If you want your lot protected use a security orb please but make sure it only covers your lot and not your neighbors. A security orb is provided by the Estate and you will find it in the rental center on the Moonlight Estate sim.

11. Rent is paid in Stardust (SD). The rent amount is listed on each rental box on the parcel with the house.

12. Rent, as agreed upon, is due on a weekly basis but can be paid up to 16 weeks in advance. Currently, there is no penalty for late payment, and no reward for early payment. Please contact the estate manager or estate owner if you will be away from ML for an extended period of time to make any necessary arrangements for rent payment. (Rent is considered late after the 2nd day of non payment.)

13. If a renter is absent without notice and 3 days behind on their rent: all prims (objects) on the property will be returned to their inventory, the rental agreement terminated, and the house prepared for renting out to someone else.

14. To give up your house touch the rental box and choose terminate from the pop up menu. (NOTE: No refunds are given)

15. You will be sent a group invite to the Moonlight Residents group. This group is how you are able to rez your own objects on the lot. This group will also tell you what's happening on the sims, residents or estate events and specials.

16. Please try to be courteous and let a member of management know if you do not plan on renewing your rental so we can prep it as soon as your lease is up.

Moonlight Estates Management
Luna Galileo (Owner)
Sonja Galileo (Owner)
Selena Darkhaven (Estate Manager)


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