Firestorm-6-3-2-58052-with-bom - Bad News

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Firestorm-6-3-2-58052-with-bom - Bad News

Post by Sonja Galileo » Sat Oct 26, 2019 10:49 pm


This build can not be offered to Opensim as it is right now.

In my previous blog post I said we would provide an “as-is” download of this release for Opensim. However, I have been informed that this update will actually cause Opensim regions to crash upon login. Unfortunately, by the time we made the decision to reverse the split we were too far into our QA process to test or make changes & fixes. This is why the “as-is” was mentioned. Because of the severity of the issue (crashing regions is about as bad as it gets) and having no time to fix it, I am forced to go back on my word on this one.

We will continue to host Firestorm on our downloads page in the Opensim section until we are able to remedy the major issues. The SL version of this update will install separately, so you can use the 6.3.2 update for SL and continue to run 6.0.2 for Opensim.

As part of our 3-version rule, we will be blocking version from accessing Second Life grid as of October 21st (3 weeks). It will continue to function for Opensim.


Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm Team.

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